Total Kiosk Solutions

KMS have the expertise both within the company and in working with our various partners can provide total bespoke solutions to suit customers individual needs.

Site Survey, carried out by our our installation partners within the UK and Europe to obtain local information of the planned kiosk deployment.

Software, bespoke design developed to customer individual requirements. Standard packages can be developed to match corporate design portfollios.

Installation, delivered to meet a specific date or kiosk roll out at the customers warehouse or site location. Remote monitoring can be included in the package giving the customer on hand knowledge of the kiosks performance and allowing fast response should an error occur.

Warranty, normally one year, factory returned, however 2nd 3rd an upto 5th year packages can be tailored to customer needs.


  • Amatica
  • DELL
  • Provisio
  • ELO Touch
  • Working Solutions
  • Absolute Computing Ltd
  • Hemisphere West International
Partners: Amatica, Absolute Computing Ltd, Hemisphere West International,  ELO Touch, DELL, Provisio, Working Solutions, APTEC

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